The bPAD+VR is an enhanced version of the bPAD+ intelligent Single-Channel Analyzer. In this model, the analog output can be configured to deliver the pulse signal, as in the bPAD+, or a variable voltage level which is proportional to the discriminated count rate. This feature is useful, for example, in flow count rate instruments or HPLC systems.

Main features:

  • Two modes of operation: Differential and Integral
  • Upper and Lower Level Discriminator resolution: 2048 steps
  • Analog amplification factor from 1 to 16 (1 to 256 by request)
  • TTL-compatible pulse output of programmable duration
  • Analog pulse signal range of 0 to 2V, 50 ohm impedance.
  • Analog voltage rate level range from 0 to 2.5V, 50 ohm impedance, variable sensitivity.
  • Programmable response time of the analog rate output: from 0.1 to 20 seconds in 14 steps.
  • PMT High-Voltage supply of up to 1500V
  • External power input of 9 to 36V
  • Size: 56mm diameter by 60mm long (71mm counting the height of SMA connectors)