bAxil is a complete, full-featured and comprehensive spectrum analysis software for X-ray spectrometry. bAxil also includes elemental quantitative analysis. Using bAxil software, any energy-dispersive X-ray spectrum can be analyzed independently of its excitation and detection technology.

bAxil development incorporates many years of experience in the X-ray spectrometry, in addition to the most recent advances in this field. bAxil features are, among others:
  • Two types of peak shapes: Gaussian and Voight-profile.
  • Additional "Tail" and "Step" components to the standard selected peak function.
  • Fitting of Coherent and Incoherent excitation peaks.
  • Ability to fit non-fluorescence peaks (e.g. Gamma-rays, diffraction peaks, etc.)
  • Advanced graphical user interface with residuals plots, individual marking of escape and sum peaks, etc.
  • Quantitative analysis by calibrations derived from Liner Regression fit to standards or using Fundamental Parameter method (standard-based or standard-less).

Download the full specs here.

bAxil Main Application Screen