Introduced March 2018, Topaz-HR is a compact stand-alone MCA for high-resolution detectors such as Hyper Pure Germanium Detectors (HP-Ge).

Main features:

  • 14-bit high performance ADC, sampling rate of 50 Ms/s
  • 100MHz DSP processor
  • Up to 16K channels with a depth of 32 bits
  • Supports both RC and pulse-reset type of pre-amplifiers
  • Data acquisition modes: PHA, MCS, LIST mode and TLIST mode
  • Data acquisition: by present time value (real or live), by counts (in ROI) and by an external control signal (or a combination of these three)
  • Trapezoidal pulse shaper
  • Dead time correction with fine-tuning capability
  • HV power supply: 0V to 6000V, 350 µA with automatic ramping. Dual polarity, but fixed at factory
  • Preamplifier power supply: ±24V @ 125mA and ±12V @ 125mA
  • Two user-programmable I/O lines that can be used as external counters, external data acquisition, etc.
  • High-speed USB 2.0, up to 480 Mbit/s
  • Lightweight and small: 126mm x 106mm x 56mm (L x W x H)
  • Full-featured Gamma-ray spectrometry software bGamma, at package cost
Download the full specs here.