bDAS, BrightSpec Digital Acquisition System, is a general-purpose digital acquisition system designed to perform multiple radiation counting measurements in a synchronized and centralized way. bDAS is particularly suitable for performing accurate measurements that involves methods or studies that use radiotracers in natural environments or industrial processes. Radiotracers are widely used in many fields and applications, for example:

bPAD 422

Introducing a new member to our product line of digital Single Channel Analyzers, the bPAD-422: a compact, tube-based and digital bPAD model with RS422/485 communication interface. The bPAD-422, together with our microprocessor-based digital counters (DAS) in a easy-to-carry suitcase, becomes an essential measurement system for any application that involves the use of radiotracers in industrial processes.

Download the full specs here.


The bPAD+VR is an enhanced version of the bPAD+ intelligent Single-Channel Analyzer. In this model, the analog output can be configured to deliver the pulse signal, as in the bPAD+, or a variable voltage level which is proportional to the discriminated count rate. This feature is useful, for example, in flow count rate instruments or HPLC systems.

Main features:


The bPAD+ is an enhanced version of the bPAD intelligent Single-Channel Analyzer. This device adds an extra analog pulse output, which can be connected to an external MCA for monitoring purposes. Being fully digital, the bPAD+ benefits from the same advantages of the bPAD.

Main features:


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