Introduced May 2013, the Topaz-Pico is a compact, stand-alone digital Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA). Its pocket-size and low power consumption makes it attractive to the portable radiation monitoring market.

The PCB board alone is available separately to OEM customers.

Main features:
  • Two modes of acquisition: Pulse Height Analysis (PHA) and Multi-Channel Scaling (MCS)
  • Up to 4096 channels
  • Analog amplification factor from 1 to 16
  • Digital pulse processing using the traditional trapezoidal shaper
  • Built-in digital Baseline Restorer (BLR) and Pile-Up Rejector (PUR)
  • High-voltage supply of up to 1500V
  • Size: 107 x 72 x 19mm, PCB alone is 80 x 60mm

Download the full specs here.

Topaz-Pico and detector