bPAD 422

Introducing a new member to our product line of digital Single Channel Analyzers, the bPAD-422: a compact, tube-based and digital bPAD model with RS422/485 communication interface. The bPAD-422, together with our microprocessor-based digital counters (DAS) in a easy-to-carry suitcase, becomes an essential measurement system for any application that involves the use of radiotracers in industrial processes.

Download the full specs here.


The bPAD+VR is an enhanced version of the bPAD+ intelligent Single-Channel Analyzer. In this model, the analog output can be configured to deliver the pulse signal, as in the bPAD+, or a variable voltage level which is proportional to the discriminated count rate. This feature is useful, for example, in flow count rate instruments or HPLC systems.

Main features:


The bPAD+ is an enhanced version of the bPAD intelligent Single-Channel Analyzer. This device adds an extra analog pulse output, which can be connected to an external MCA for monitoring purposes. Being fully digital, the bPAD+ benefits from the same advantages of the bPAD.

Main features:


The bPAD is an intelligent, compact Single-Channel Analyzer. Unlike traditional designs, this device is fully digitally controlled via USB: no scope or messing with screwdrivers is necessary. A simple PC application allows all the parameters (High Voltage level, amplification factor, discriminator thresholds) to be quickly set. More than that, a pseudo PHA mode is implemented, allowing to acquire an spectrum in order to set the discriminator window from the peak of interest.
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