SODIGAM is a software for the high-precision analysis of gamma-ray spectra from scintillation detectors such as NaI(Tl), BGO, CsI, LaBr3 (BrilLanCe) or of X-ray spectra from Proportional Counters. The 32-bit Windows(tm) program is available in English, German and French; languages are on-line switchable. SODIGAM provides an unlimited cost-free update service. SODIGAM provides various analysis options for different applications:

  • Fully automatic spectrum analysis (educational mode)
  • User controlled analysis of peaks (hand analysis mode)
  • Batch file operation without user intervention (automatic routine analysis mode)
  • Procedure mode analysis for selectable standard analysis procedures (lab production mode)

SODIGAM contains all options needed for quantitative spectrum analysis and nuclide assignment:

  • Selectable sensitivity in units of detection limits
  • FWHM function definition from measured peaks
  • Intrinsic FWHM function for NaI(Tl) spectra
  • Intrinsic FWHM function for LaBr3 spectra
  • Nonlinear energy calibration function
  • Efficiency via intrinsic function or polynomials (one to nine coefficients)
  • Consideration of external background interferences with uncertainties
  • Extensive master library with all nuclides having T1/2 over 10 seconds
  • Application libraries generated through excerpting
  • Library data can be edited (no warranty)
  • Decay correction and interference correction
  • Multiplet deconvolution with up to 28 components
  • Physical peak-shape description
  • Physical shape of baseline under peaks
  • Fuzzy-logic applied for various tasks
  • Very stable LSQ-fit without matrix inversion

SODIGAM provides many I/O options:

  • Six levels of increasing printout length
  • Storage of all results in a protocol file, ready for editing to needs
  • Reads spectra from essentially all commercial MCAs
  • Writes spectra as ASCII files
  • Very detailed display of baseline, fitted functions and sum-function
  • Graphic images can be stored as Windows Meta File (spectrum and fits)
  • 15 units for activity (e.g. Bq, Bq/kg, Bq/l, Bq/m3, ....)
  • Calculus window for calibration functions
  • Statistical calculations with uncertainties (Weighted mean, +, -, * and /)
  • Freely selectable colour scheme of graphics window
  • Five user levels with password protection (for industrial and routine analysis applications)
  • HARDLOCK software protection unit

SODIGAM comes with extensive documentation.

Sodigam for Windows