Full application solution for ED XRF analysis!

Basic Spectrometry Software

The bMCA Basic Acquisition and Spectrometry Software is a program that can be used to connect to any of our Multi-Channel Analyzers in order to acquire data in PHA or MCS modes. The application also allows to perform basic spectral data processing and analysis.

Main features:


The bMCA-Box is a special version of the bMCA (USB or Ethernet), where the tube socket has been replaced by a single SHV connector. By doing so, the bMCA can be used with a range of odd-sized detectors that are supplied with a single connector that carries both the signal and the high voltage supply.
Download the full specs here.


The bPAD+VR is an enhanced version of the bPAD+ intelligent Single-Channel Analyzer. In this model, the analog output can be configured to deliver the pulse signal, as in the bPAD+, or a variable voltage level which is proportional to the discriminated count rate. This feature is useful, for example, in flow count rate instruments or HPLC systems.

Main features:


The bPAD+ is an enhanced version of the bPAD intelligent Single-Channel Analyzer. This device adds an extra analog pulse output, which can be connected to an external MCA for monitoring purposes. Being fully digital, the bPAD+ benefits from the same advantages of the bPAD.

Main features:


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